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    [Quadratic Discriminant Analysis] - Which discriminators contribute most?

    Hi everyone In R, when performing a linear discriminant analysis (lda, MASS package) the output shows for each discriminant function (and original discriminator) the "coefficient of linear discriminants". If I'm right this can be used to assess how much each original discriminator contributes...
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    [Multi-Multipanelplots] Plot function overwrites par(mfrow)

    Hi I have a function which creates a multipanel figure to show differences between groups (ldahist, to be specific; code below). I would like to plot several of these functions next to each other on one page, however, the function adjusts par(mfrow) and overwrites my own layout. As a result...
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    Multiple MANOVAs - How to adjust post-hoc ANOVA p-values

    Hi everyone I have (multiple) dependent variables which I split into two groups. For each group I do a separate MANOVA (one group for metabolism-related genes and one group for immunity-related genes). I assume that if I do post-hoc ANOVAs for each dependent variable (i.e. gene), I will...