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    R programming

    I agree with Dason on all points.
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    [Python] regex fixed-width positive lookbehinds

    In R (via stringi) I could write (?<=a|bc) but doing this with the re module results in this error: raise error("look-behind requires fixed-width pattern") error: look-behind requires fixed-width pattern Is it true that if I have the regex (?<=a|bc) in Python I need to write it as...
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    R to Python List manipulation

    Is there a way to unlist/flatten to a vector? Or what python calls a list?
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    How can I get the data-points from the cluster with smallest within-variance in kmeans?

    Can you make this minimally reproducible and add what data should be or a dummy example?
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    R to Python List manipulation

    Taking the plunge and learning Python at a deeper level to compliment my R skills. I am coming up against a wall with manipulating named lists in the way I can in R. R/Python folks can you tell me the equivalent ways to do this common R tasks? R Way of working with list: x <- list(...
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    Tried this and it still works so: install.packages('devtools') library(devtools) install_github('trinker/mapit') library(mapit) wh <- geo_code( street = '1600 Pennsylvania Ave', city = 'Washington', state = 'DC', zip = '20500', api.key = 'signup to get yours free' ) ##...
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    If you need the addresses as lat an long....There's lots of ways to do this. This is one approach: (if it still works). This approach requires authentication and tokens but isn't too bad to do. You're just restricted on the number of...
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    Is zip to zip accurate enough? Looking up addresses is slightly harder. Looking up zip to zip is easier.
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    Adding a new column in R data frame with values conditional on another column

    Can you provide the code you tried and the error message you got?
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    Coding and Visualizing Repeated Measures and Mixed-Effects Models

    For visualization maybe something like (this makes assumptions about what your data looks like; e.g. [I know your data is slightly different but if you make your problems reproducible you'll get better responses; e.g., see that I provide a fake data set?]): library(ggplot2) data <-...
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    The Talk Stats Video Club

    NLP intro series...very good
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    Submission of package to CRAN: problem grasping an Error

    Cool. I have had a summer dedicated to family so haven't spent time coding or watching the forums. With the wife and kids back to school I'm back and saw this thread. Glad to hear it has been solved.
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    Submission of package to CRAN: problem grasping an Error

    @giam Did you ever solve this?
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    Bookclub: ISLR

    Not a book but a text of sorts: Wanted to get people's thoughts...
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    Today I Learned: ____

    @jamesmartinn What are you thoughts on the interface for writing the functions? Did you like/dislike it? Was the approach simple? Could you generalize it to new situations?