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    Controlling the influence of variation in a factor

    I sampled communities in different habitats along a continental margin. Depth is a strong structuring factor in the ocean. To mitigate or control the influence of the depth factor and in a comparison of habitats, would it make more sense to perform a 2-way ANOVA with with depth as random or an...
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    Incomplete block design

    Thanks for the tips so far. In these types of studies depth has a strong effect that needs to be controlled. Can that be a blocking factor?
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    Incomplete block design

    I have data among several variables sampled from deep-sea sites located in a marine canyon. In total 13 sites (n=3/site) were sampled. Sampling was conducted on 5 sites along 1 transect (~ 500 - 2200 m), 5 sites on another transect (~500 - 1800 m), and 3 sites on another transect (~ 770 - 1000...
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    Moving away from p-values

    There has been a recent push to move away the reliance of statistical significance and using p < 0.05 as a threshold for reporting results. What do practicing statisticians think? Any merit to it? I have seen some guides on how to craft your language when reporting statistical results (e.g...
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    Pairwise test convention

    Thanks! But there are instances though in some of my tests that pairwise differences are found despite a non-significant global test. What is the recommended way of handling such a situation?
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    Pairwise test convention

    Is there a text or other source that says a non-significant global test (e.g., ANOVA) precludes one from performing pairwise comparisons? Is it hypothesis dependent?
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    Taxdist - inconsistency error

    I am trying to run a taxonomic distinctness analysis and I keep encountering a data inconsistency error. After running a check, the program tells me what data cells are inconsistent in my aggregation file. But when I review those cells, I do not see what the problem is. Is there anyone available...
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    Block design anova

    I have a question about what the most appropriate anova design is for my data. I am posting here because I cannot seem to get the search function to work. I have data from an ecological restoration project. It was carried out using 6 plots, 3 restored and 3 non-restored. Restored and...