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    SPSS Linear Mixed Model repeated covariance type

    Hi everyone, I need your help with regards to specifying repeated covariance type in SPSS. I am trying to build a Linear Mixed Model in SPSS with the subject being 'borough' and repeated variable being YEAR . My dependent variable is the number of people claiming housing benefit, per year (for...
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    Recreating logistic regression model in SPSS

    Hello everyone :) I would like to ask for advice regarding recreating a logistic regression model (please see the picture attached). I am working with household level data (English Housing Survey) and on the top of the already present household-level variables, I would like to construct...
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    One sample or independent samples t-test?

    Hello everyone :) I have a problem with a mark I have received regarding my stats assignment. The data was comparing management scores (scale variable) between countries (nominal variable with 7 categories) One of the tasks was to "Test the null hypothesis that there are no significant...