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    Weighted kappa - so confused

    I have posted about this subject regarding a variety of different inferential statistical apologies in advance. I'm running a project where one of my my investigations will look at the level of agreement between multiple raters who will be split into two groups; novice vs expert...
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    Krippendorffs’ alpha - sample size

    Hi all, I’m not good at this stuff, so please bear with me. I am doing an investigation where I want to look at agreement between different groups of raters. The raters (a group of novice/new raters) and a group of exert raters will watch participants before an action and grade that (probably)...
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    Simple question. Type of data?

    So, there is a test that you can score 1, 2 or 3 one. Each number is a fault category. 1=fail 2=pass with errors 3=pass no error Therefore 3 is better than one. However, I have had to define such. I still believe that this is ordinal data. Am I being stupid here?
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    PhD – Power calculation

    Hi all, first post, be gentle. Im doing a PhD (just starting out) and writing my Project Approval Form. As part of that, my Prof wrote on a draft “n=?” Now, out of my four research objectives, only really one has quant in it. I am developing a test for novice users, so one of my objectives...