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    Measure of similarity

    Hi all, first off apologies if what I am about to ask was already discussed in other threads, but after some research I could not quite find what I am after. In essence I want to compute similarity coefficients to pairwise between categorical or numerical variables (I could bin numeric values...
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    High statistical significance with low R squared coefficient

    Hi all, I recently created a regressor using lm() to establish the linear regression of a dependent variable over an independent one using this code: regressor = lm(formula = Dependent var ~ Independent var, data = dataset) After running its summary to evaluate significance and coefficient...
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    R squared and correlation in R

    Hi all, this is more a statistical question than R programming really, and apologise in advance if this was already discussed but I could not find an actual topic matching my question... I have selected two elements out of a data frame to determine their correlation coefficient and R squared...