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    Interpretation binary logistic regression in SPSS

    Hello! I am doing research on colorectal cancer for my master's degree in medicine. I have a total of 177 patients, out of which 5 have residual malignant disease after resection (primary endpoint). Due to the small number of events I want to perform a binary logistic regression analysis. I...
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    Combining variables; greatest number becomes new variable

    I am doing research on colorectal polyps. In my database the size of the polyps is measured both in the pathology report and the endoscopy report; those are 2 different variables. I want to combine these two into one variable, where the greatest reported size out of the two separate variables...
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    How do I combine variables in SPSS to create a new variable?

    I want to create 6 groups in SPSS, originating from 2 groups but I don't know how to do this. I have one variable A which is binary (0.1-1 millimetre or >1 millimetre) and another variable B which has 3 possible values (3 treatment strategies for cancer: wait-and-see, polypectomy or surgery). I...