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    Comparing results of two different tests measuring correlational relationship?

    Hear this. I have three scales Scale A, B, and C. I want to compare the strength of relationship between Scale A and B, and between Scale B and C. Details: Scale A: Actually, this is not a scale. This is just 1 question with 4 nominal answers. What type of family do you have? Authoritarian...
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    RWA and political spectrum. Cont IV - Categorical DV

    So I have another hypothesis I want to design: My IV is scores from an right wing authoritarianism scale. Possible scores for a person range from 0 to 180. No decimals(Does it matter?). My DV is where the person states s/he resides on a political spectrum ranging from -4(left) to +4(right). I...
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    which test for 4level categorical IV and continious IV?

    I have a 4 category IV. What's your family type? Authoritarian, democratic, undefinable, inconsistent. My DV is a score on scale. Continious type obviously. Which test to use? My hypothesis is that participants who respond as authoritarian will have the highest DV scores.