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    The impact of correlation on estimation of effect size pre- post-treatment

    How does the correlation between values impact effect size? Looking in the article "Pre-post effect sizes should be avoided in meta-analyses" the authors state that "One important reason why pre-post SMDs should be avoided is that the scores on baseline and post-test are not independent of...
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    Binary logistic regression (SPSS) - input & output

    Treatments A and B have been compared in a classical RCT. The primary outcome is dichotomous - remission. Treatment B, the experimental, resulted in significantly lower remission rates. In a binary logistic regression analysis I used treatment and three additional factors as covariables (or...
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    Kapler-Meier survival analysis or a simple t-test? Orthodoxy necessary?

    So... In a two-arm clinical trial with approximately 100 participants per arm and remission rates around 50% (RR significantly different both in a direct comparison and 95% CI crossing a pre-defined non-inferiority limit) I have compared the risk of relapsing depending on the treatment...