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    Estimating sample size when you know the effect size will be reduced (compared to previous studies)

    Hi, I am planning a follow-up experiment to a previous study and have a question about estimating sample size: For the sake of simplicity, the previous study showed that Condition 1 had more accurate responses (64%) than Condition 2 (41%) and a paired samples t-test was significant...
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    Simplifying Binomial Coefficients with large numbers, i.e., factorials of large numbers

    Hi, I'm reading a paper about stats in psychology ( and there is an equation in there that I cannot work out. I'm not a mathematician, but as I understand, the binomial coefficient could be simpified as such: 1000! / 500!(1000!- 500!)...
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    Calculate Standard Error over averaged responses or raw responses?

    Hi, I would like to calculate the standard error of my Dependent Variable. However, I have psycholinguistic data, which uses multiple ppts and multiple items. Thus, there are 2 ways of doing this: either by calculating SE over averaged responses (example 1) OR by calcualting SEs over raw...