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    Randomization checks - what is the best way?

    Hi! Currently, I am writing my thesis and I finally gathered all my data. I measured a lot (ended up with about 22 possible IVs), and now I want to perform randomization checks to see whether there are differences between four groups. I have tried doing randomization checks last week with my...
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    Which test do I use? Urgent thesis help needed!

    Thank you so much! This has helped me a lot! It's not new for me to think too difficult about things, haha. Another thing that I stumbled upon, is that I want to see whether two groups have different rates on multiple dependent categorical variables. I have measured whether they saw a specific...
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    Which test do I use? Urgent thesis help needed!

    Hi all, I have decided to register to Talk Stats, as I am experiencing quite some stress writing my thesis, mainly because I'm struggling with statistics! I hope you can help me out with a small difficulty I am facing. I have measured children's liking-rates of four different brands. These...