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    Variation of the one group pre-test/post-test research desgn

    Is it okay to break up the one group into two groups? I am doing research on character development. The age groups are Pre-K through Grade 2 and Grade 3 through 8. The two different age groups are receiving the same intervention, but I want to be able to detect any differences between the two...
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    Post Tests on a one-group pre-test/post-test research design

    I have conducted a survey as a pre-test. Is it okay for the post-test to be a semi-opened questionnaire regarding the same content. Will validity be an issue?
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    Reverse Scoring

    Hi, I am a research student. I have a quesrion about reverse scoring. I would like to know if it is a requirement to reverse score an items in the measurement. My measurement consists of those items but when I tested out the reverse scoring, the scores were higher as a result of the reverse...