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    Regression after multiple imputation

    Hello every one. I want to perform simple binary logistic regression after multiple imputation but I constantly get this message and the execution of the command stops: For split file Imputation Number = 1 the dependent variable has more than two non-missing values. For logistic regression, the...
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    Comparing missing and non-missing subjects for dependent variables

    Hello everyone. I am working with a data-set of a cohort study which has 3 different sets of paired data. For the third visit of the subjects, we have a lot of missing. So, I need to compare the basic characteristics (in the first and second visit) of the missing and non-missing subjects for my...
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    Dealing with missing values

    I am analyzing the data of a cohort study.There are three sets of paired data (same measures on same subjects in 3 different point of time). The problem is that the third set of data have more than 50% missing values. my question is that, how can i deal with these missing? does MI help in these...