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    Count rate and prevalence?

    I have a study on surgery in a disease (C) The prevalence per year is increasing in C over the study period (I have national level data). To get into the study subjects have an index surgery for C (all the index surgeries are for C so there is no confounding). This index surgery count is...
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    group based trajectory modelling

    Dear all, Any thoughts....? I have longitudinal biomarker data that is routinely gathered, so will not be at specific time points. I want to identify trajectories of biomarkers in a disease to identify subpopulations that might have increased risk of adverse outcomes compared to other...
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    No comparator group

    Dear all, very new to statistics but keen to learn as starting research. I have a data set looking at only those who have died/been removed from a much larger group and have a lot of data about them (i.e. age, BMI, sex, 4 symptom types, distance from hospital, smoker/ex/never smoker- probably...