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    Large Sample Confidence Interval for the Mean - Problem is it right ???

    The president of Jones Bank asked his research team to determine the average waiting time for its customer. A study of 100 customers was conducted with the following results: mean = 19.8 standard deviation = 2.06 minutes Prepare the 95% confidence interval for average waiting time... mean =...
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    Binomial Probablity Distribution exactly one & and at least one.. check my answer

    Your favorite baseball player has a 0.300 batting average (that is, he averages three hits for every 10 times he is up to bat). If he is up to bat five times in a particular game, what is the probability that he will get exactly 1 hit and at least 1 hit? P(X) = n! / x! (n-x)! p^x (1-p)^(n-x)...
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    Normalized Z-Table Questiong Is this right having problem with final answer

    The amount of time it takes to produce a part is normally distributed with a mean equal to 10 second and standard deviation equal to 2 seconds. Fine the probability that the time it will take to produce any given part will be between 11 and 13.6 seconds. z = 11-10/2 = 1/2 = 0.5 z score =...