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    Reporting Eta Squared in ANOVA

    Greetings all, Let's suppose I have an ANOVA with three variables: Y ~ a + b + c. When I report the results, I would like to include the eta-squared for each of the three variables as a barplot. My question is the following: since the definition of eta-squared is "the proportion of the...
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    Reproducibility crisis

    Hi All, I am looking for a good paper about the reproducibility crisis or any related issue (ideally a review), published in the last couple of years on a high impact factor journal. I am especially interested in the medical field, but a general review would be fine as well. Does anybody have a...
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    Paired t-test equivalent for non-normal, heteroscedastic data

    Greetings good people, I work on a project where a number of subjects (N = 5) with a particular disease were measured in two specific regions of their bodies (say, region1 and region2) using a specific medical instrument. Based on the pathophysiology of the disease, region1 should give...