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    Two-sided test of equality for column proportions

    Hello! I have a table of data that I have to show statistical significance for. The data compares the number of minority vs. non-minority persons in a program who were employed vs. unemployed during quarter 2 last year. I have to show that the differences between minority vs. non-minority...
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    Hypothetical test?

    I have been given the following assignment: In a school district of approximately 38,000 students in 73 schools (40 elementary schools, 20 middle schools, and 13 high schools), there are high on-time high school graduation rates, but low rates of actual enrollment in college the summer...
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    Test question

    Hi everyone! Hopefully this is the appropriate thread to post this question in, but I have been struggling with a (seemingly) simple and was wondering if I am on the right track? The question is: Out of the following questions regarding a scientific inquiry, which one would be the most...