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    Sample size estimation for multinomial autocorrelated data

    I'm trying to work out the minimum sample size needed to accurately characterise land cover data. The idea is to set out the a number of quadrats across the study site and identify what land cover type occurs in each. I have an idea as to how many categories there should be. So this is a...
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    How do you calculate an exact p-value from the t-values?

    I have a regression model that I've run in R. x<-c(68,88,62,72,60,96,78,46,82,94,68,48) y<-c(1190,1211,1004,917,770,1456,1180,710,1316,1032,752,963) m1 <- lm(y~x) summary(m1) Which gives me a t-value of 3.301 on the slope And I understand that I can get a critical value using the...
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    What is the effect of categorising categorical data as numerical data?

    If I'm doing a PCA and I have categorical data as well as numeric but code it all up as numeric what is the issue?
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    What is a link function (in English)

    In generalized linear models there are link functions. I would like if someone could explain the concept to me. Thanks!
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    Using multiple P-values

    I have a number of p-values from permutation tests I've done on my data. One p-value for each recording. Can I compile these values to test for overall significance?