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    Change of statistical significance when excluding heterogenic studies?

    Hi all, I have performed a meta-analysis and found a certain pooled effect with 95% CI that was not statistically significant (p>0.05). Consequently, I have done a sensitivity analysis for which I have excluded studies that contributed most to heterogeneity. In order to do so I used the...
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    Imputation of data

    Hi everyone, I need some help with my imputed data: 1) I had a dataset with missing data for baseline variables and outcome variables. Through multiple imputation in SPSS (10 imputations, 50 iterations, PMM for scale variables) I imputed the missing data for the baseline variables. When I...
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    Handling missing data

    Hello all! I have collected patient data retrospectively but for some variables (both numerical and categorical) data is missing. I have 13 variables for which data is missing ranging between 2 and 369 missing cases on a total of 486 cases (so complete data is acquired if for some variable 486...