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    Help Regarding Splitting Observation with Long String

    Can someone please help me with this: Here is raw data ID Term 1 1. Horse Riding 2. Fishing 3.Climbing 4. Jumping 5. Hiding 2 1) Horse Riding 2) 100m Running 3) Typing 4)Bungey(200m High) 3 Horse Riding, 100m Running, Hunting, Paragliding + Parachute Desired Dataset ID Term 1...
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    SAS help regarding putting observation Together. Please help

    Here is the raw data: name var1 var2 var3 startdate enddate jack x y z 01jan2012 01jan2012 jack x y z 02jan2012 02jan2012 jack x y z 03jan2012 03jan2012 jack x y z 04jan2012 04jan2012 jack x y...