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    1) Why do we do statistical tests to check if the independent variables used in the regression are statistically significant or not, when it can be checked using correlation? 2) My understanding is when we have only one continuos variable - we check if the data given is normally distributed or...
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    z test and t test

    I understand that we go for t test in regression , after the data has been normally disributed using z distribution. Need to know why cant we use t - test in all the phases , i mean why is it required that t- test requires that the data is normally distributed.....why t-test can't handle this...
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    confusion on outliers

    I am not able to distinguish the outliers - When to go with std. dev and When do we need to go with Median. My understanding on std. dev. is - if the data is away from mean by more than 2 std dev. we consider that as outlier. Similarly for Median, we say that any data that is not in-between q1...