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    Bonferroni correction

    Thanks both for your input so far. @fed2 Just to be sure, you mean doing it individually for each post-hoc (0.05/3) is the correct way or across all of them? @katxt Thanks. My question was more about how do I go about it in the first place, i.e. how do I decide before? Take all comparisions...
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    Bonferroni correction

    Hello, I'm struggling with applying the Bonferroni correction in my analysis, more specifically figuring out the number of comparisons I have to control for. I have several statements which participants (divided into three independent groups) rated on a ordinal scale. I'm interested if there...
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    Choice of Test (Responses based on Properties)

    Dear all, I'm struggling with finding an appropriate test for analyzing if responses are different based on certain properties. In detail, participants had to recognize differences in images. Each participant received multiple images and in each image multiple differences were hidden. Each...