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  1. Dason

    Continous (Ordinal) Outcome with Middle Group as Target

    What is the goal after you have a model?
  2. Dason

    Overdispersion/ unobserved heterogenity in logistic regression.

    If the response is binomial then logistic makes sense to model what you actually think the random variables would be.
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    Design help

    Sign de help
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    Arch Challenge

    Just bought a new (old) laptop for Kelley to use. I put Ubuntu on on partition and am putting Arch on another to geek out on. Anybody else still running Arch?
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    help acquiring stats regarding home delivery

    Yeah sorry. I wasn't in a good mood so felt like making a flippant response. I'll see what I can find tomorrow. Sorry for being a dick!
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    Rejection with mean and standard dev given

    What did you do in your attempt?
  7. Dason

    Membership: Rising or Falling?

    I think we would need more info than that? Can you elaborate more?
  8. Dason

    Interpreting Results Problem

    I think you are misunderstanding. The Sig. Column is almost certainly showing the p-value and for p-values lower gets interpreted as "more significant". Please read up on p-values and how to interpret them.
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    Best Decision Probability Problem

    This is a tricky one to think about. The issue is that the conditional probabilities don't actually stay constant. Because of the way you construct the sequence you actually have a larger than 0.5 probability to of getting through any round other than the first round. It's probably easier to...
  10. Dason

    T test problem

    Oh so you have multiple comparisons going on. Have you read up on multiples comparisons corrections?
  11. Dason

    T test problem

    What in that output is making you think it concludes the means are equal
  12. Dason

    Finding confidence interval for Maximum Likelihood Estimation on a probit model

    You can use the Hessian matrix to get standard errors. If you use an optimization routine that provides the Hessian you could use that.
  13. Dason

    Inverse of CDF

    Would you prefer it if it said inf{x: y <= F(x)} instead? Then it would match up with Q(p). It's literally the same thing though.
  14. Dason

    Is this version of the confidence interval formula legit?

    That's legit under certain assumptions. If you know the true population standard deviation and are assuming a normal distribution and want to create a confidence interval for the population mean then this is what you would use. Typically we don't know the true standard deviation so you replace...
  15. Dason

    HELP my intercept becomes significant

    The thing is that if it doesn't make sense for all of your predictors to be zero simultaneously then interpreting the intercept is essentially extrapolating. A linear fit might make sense (or at least be an adequate approximation) for the space that your predictors reside in but that doesn't...
  16. Dason

    HELP my intercept becomes significant

    Is it ever actually possible for all of your predictors to be zero
  17. Dason

    variance of simple linear regression coefficients

    Sure. When you have a fixed sample you get fixed estimates. That's not what the variance is referring to here. The assumptions of your model probably talk about some random variables and in the case of regression it's typically that the errors are assumed to be i.i.d. N(0, sigma). So let's...
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    How can be used time series in sport?

    You can take some measurement related to the sport and then model it over time.
  19. Dason

    Regresson Analysis for Net promoter Score (NPS)

    Why do you think you are doing something wrong?