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    Shapiro wilk effect size

    Hi, Do you know how to calculate the effect size for Shapiro Wilk test? When using Shapiro Wilk test on a large sample, most likely it will reject H0 even for normally distributed population, since large sample will identify the minor effect as significant. Thanks :)
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    Royston approximation for Shapiro-Wilk normality test

    Hi, Shapiro-Wilk article support tables only for n<=50. Patric Royston support calculations for a(i) and P-value based on W for n<=2000. and probably ok for n<=5000 in the following article "Approximating the Shapiro-Wilk W-test for non-normality" Are the values in Shapiro-Wilk article also...
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    T Test

    Hi T-Test is used instead of Z-Test when we don't know the standard deviation, or when the sample size is too small (less than 31) When we know the standard deviation but the sample size is small, do we use T-Test with sample standard deviation (S)? or T-Test with the known standard deviation...