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    Measure of dispersion in a time series

    Thank you for your comment, noetsi. I've taken some time to think about why I am doing this. The basic answer is that I am developing a review method for cigars (see my introduction as a new forum member). What got me thinking about dispersion was looking at a sample time series in a chart...
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    Measure of dispersion in a time series

    My introduction Attached is a sample time series of observations in 8 categories. I want to calculate the dispersion of these observations in both dimensions (time and category). I have approached this problem from a few different angles: The most accurate one is an Excel matrix where actual...
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    Happy New Year Everyone!

    My name is Richard, 48, married, 2 daughters, work for an asset manager in project portfolio management (or agile portfolio operations in terms of the latest management fad), grew up in Belgium, live in Holland and love beer and cigars. My project is a cigar review method. Cigars have many...