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    Which test is appropriate for pre and post test (between and within subjects)?

    I have conducted a study where participants are split between two groups (treatment and control). I want to measure changes in depression and sleep disturbance pre and post-test (before and after intervention). I want to see interactions between-subjects for depression and sleep. I also want to...
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    Which statistical analysis needs to be run ? ANOVA/Paired T-Tests

    So i trying to figure out what analysis i need to use,but im a tad stuck. Im doing a pre and post test design. So a primary school with a programme , measured by the questionnaire before and after . Then there is a control group primary school without a programme , measured by a...
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    Mixed ANOVA difficulty ! HELP NEEDED

    Hello... im relatively new to psychology statistics and struggling to understand some things. My experiment is a 2 (common vs distinct faces )x 2 (control vs experimental condition) mixed repeated anova design The problem is the interaction between the faces and the conditions - how do i...