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    Normal Distribution?

    I have a fairly large sample size of tenants and their average length of stay. When I try to put the data into a histogram, I don't seem to get a normally distributed data set because there is a large number of tenants that stay a short time period and then I have another large number of tenants...
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    Weighted Average

    Hello - is it possible to find the weighted average of the below numbers? I've tried looking online, but all I can find is the formula to multiply by the weighted average - how do I find that? Size Sales Product 1 73,900 $86,054 Product 2 75,255 $48,747 Product 3 54,098...
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    Project LOS

    Hello - This is my first post and I'm searching for help with a Length of Stay project. Here is the following data I have; Tenant Move In Date Tenant Move Out Date Rate Increase Amount Rate Increase Date Discount Amount (upon Move In) The occupied square footage of Tenant This industry is...