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    Paired samples - Odds ratio and confidence interval

    Yes. All participants were treated.
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    Paired samples - Odds ratio and confidence interval

    Hello everyone. I have to analyze the effect of a certain treatment among the same sample of people, before and after that certain treatment. Except for applying the McNemar Test, I'm also interested to apply an odds ratio. Is there a specific odds ratio and/or confidence interval for paired...
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    Compare means by same respondents but different score scale

    In case of continuous variable and an ordinal variable, I would also suggest to consider the option of correlating the variables. In such case, you can use the Spearman's rho (Spearman's rank correlation coefficient) or Kendall's Tau. Here are links to descriptions about the two methods: 1...
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    What tests to use for analyzing data that is categorical and continuous

    Hello. Based on the description of data: 1) Association between a categorical variable and a quantitative variables: If the quantitative variables are not certain to be normally distributed, then I suggest to use the following non-parametric tests: 1A) Mann-Whitney U test to compare the...
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    Choosing the appropriate confidence interval for an odds ratio

    Hello everyone. I conducted an odds ratio test with a certain software, and I'm not sure about which confidence interval (CI) to use. The 2x2 table consists the distribution of counts as follows, by each cell: a=26, b=21, c=12, d=2. The output of the results included the calculated OR, with the...