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    data fitting

    Hi, I have a data which represents some items indices (x axis) and the mean rating (y axis). I want to draw a trendline to understand the tendency of the data. Please look at the following figure. I used polyfit method in numpy, the r square is 0.05. How can I interpret this? What else you...
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    Design experiments and analysis for a simulation

    Hi, I am building an agent-based simulation, There is no real data to construct the model, a data is used to generate some values helo to define agents' decision making. There is also some randomness added to the model. I need to know the best methods that allow me to design experiments and...
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    Beta distribution

    Hi, I want to have a distribution similar to U-shape beta distribution as the following: I want to make the distribution as : Any idea? Thanks
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    Interpretation of boxplot

    Hi, I need to analyze data that is produced from a simulation. The values are very close to each other, which makes it hard for me to interpret or choosing the right plot. For example, the following boxplot, y-axis as confidence [0,1] values that is the average of multiple actors in many runs...
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    U-shaped Beta distribution

    Hi, I have a case in which I want to draw a random probability using beta distribution. I receive a value X between 1 and 5, and I want the probability becomes high if the value is very close to 1 or very close to 5. I thought to use beta distribution U-shaped with beta parameters a=b=0.5, as...