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    which test shall i use

    i am trying to see the correlation between the time and animal behaviour ;, the behaviour divided into 4 type and i want to see if the time can affect there behaviour so which test to apply i was thinking of Spearman tests since my data is not normal distributed but am not sure i don't have...
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    need help with my analysis

    am checking the impact of the different type of boats on the dolphins behaviour and i have two type of variables first is boat type ( fishing , recreation , cargo etc ) and i have the dolphins behaviour which divided into 4 type of behaviour ( rest , social , travel , feed) i need some help...
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    what test shall i use need help

    i have 4 numerical variables ( 4 type of boats )and 1 nominal variable ( dolphins behaviour wether eating or social or resting and other) and i want to know if these boat affecting these behaviour and which boat is the most significant one i mean which boat is the most annoying to the...