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    Predicting count dependent variable

    I am trying to model a count dependent variable (0~60) with excessive zeros. The range of data is quite large, unbalanced and unbound, so classification is out of the question. The objective is prediction. I've tried some parametric statistical method such as Poisson Regression...
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    Identify the causes for a phenomenon

    Hi everyone. I would like to investigate the relationship of different factors to a phenomenon. Saying I have traffic accidents (1 or 0) with related data at the same time and place e.g. traffic condition, weather, speed deviation, time-of-the-day, etc. How can I tell if those factors are...
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    finding the impacts of independent variables to dependent variables

    Hi everyone. I am new in this forum and also new in statistic. My background is civil engineering. I've been looking for a solution for my question and found out that this forum is very helpful. I need to explore how my independent variables affect/impact the dependent variable, which one has...