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    a good example of ANCOVA in R

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can provide a nice and quite complete example of ANCOVA in R. thanks :)
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    permutation test on 2-factor contingency table

    Anyone has an idea on how to perform a permutation test on a 2-factor contingency table? In R? thanks!! :)
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    collapsing a factor to see summarized levels of the other one (ANOVA?)

    Hi, in 2-factor analysis, is it possible to "collapse" a factor in order to have a clear view of the effect of the levels of the other factor? Which numerical techniques are available for this purpose? (maybe a code snippet in R?). Is it possible with ANOVA? thanks!
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    canceling effect of interaction in a 2-factor table of means

    Hi, I would like if there is a simple R command to get a table of means (2-factor analysis) with the interaction addendum removed (canceled out) in an ANOVA setting. thanks!
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    evaluating the numerical influence of a factor in an ANOVA setting

    Hi, is there a way to calculate with precision the numerical influence of a factor in a 2-factor setting? Maybe using ANOVA? thanks!
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    what are contrasts?

    Hi, I am doing homework for an assignment in statistics. I cannot get my mind up for what contrasts are. Anyone can explain that in simple words? thanks!