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    Creating new variable based on Vales of old variable

    I am trying to create 3 new variables from a variable I have which measures religiosity on a 0-10 scale. I am trying to use "if" statements under the "transform" menu, in the "recode into different variables" box. I have watched a bunch of videos and found little to be helpful. For exampel I...
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    Help with Combining Variables

    Hello helpful folks! I am having difficulty combining two variables. I have a data set that has the data broken up by country language. The different nation's languages are inside a lager variable simply called "country-language" The survey has over 200 questions. What I need to do is combine...
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    Merging Data Sets problems

    I have run into some problems merging data sets. I merged two different SPSS files which contained survey data from identical surveys. I sorted ascending the ID's and added cases. However when I ran a frequency test for one of my key variables my data looked like this : Any help would be...