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    Multivariate regression in SAS Viya

    I am attempting to build a multivariate regression model in SAS Viya with two dependent variables and numerous independent variables but the Data Roles section only allows for the entry on one response variable. Is there a different area within SAS Viya (SAS Visual Analytics) where I should be...
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    Formatting in proc freq and proc sgplot

    I want to format the numeric units in the frequency charts and graphs generated in proc freq and proc sgplot with commas so they can be more presentable (i.e., 1000 as 1,000). Can I use a format statement? Where would it go? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Selecting the first record for a particular variable based on a condition

    I have a data set with time series data for the respective account numbers. I'm trying to select the first record for an account number (and the corresponding month field) that meets a particular condition. I was trying to achieve this objective with a proc sort statement but I was still...
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    %INCLUDE statement error

    I am using an %INCLUDE macro statement to read in and run a libraries macro program into my current code in the following way: %include libs(&; %include “/location path/” / source2; Unfortunately, I receive the following error message: ERROR 22-322...