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    How many measurements needed to distingish between two outcomes?

    I have a historical dataset of about 500 measurements. Datapoints that turned out to indicate A or B, each have a distribution from which I computed mean and std. If I plot a histogram of these measurements, I have two semi-overlapping gaussian distributions. Those measurements that indicated A...
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    Pseudo-time lapse experiment: repeated measures ANOVA??

    I am measuring disease severity, using 5 different types of measurements, in animals treated with drug X, over multiple timepoints. The measurements can only be made when the animal is dissected. We have 30 animals, all given the same drug X on day 0, and 5 animals are taken down every 2 days...
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    Comparing two methods to measure disease severity

    I am testing a new, fast method to score disease severity in an animal model of a human disease. M appears to be less sensitive than the gold standard scoring method, G. G is discrete and has a range (0,1,2...20). M is continuous and varies from 0 to 1. The linear correlation coef between...