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    how to perform ramsey reset test in spss?

    I am not able to find tutorials online on how to perform this test. please help me
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    What test to apply?

    in that case. I have 5 Independent Variables ( Likert Scale so i m guessing Ordinal) and my dependent variable is Scale. So what regression am i supposed to apply? Multiple Linear Regression?
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    What test to apply?

    what test to apply when data is interval and another variable is categorical ?
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    Missing values

    So i ran an MCAR test on my data and had the result that my data is indeed missing completely at random . The following shows the percentage of missing values. am i still supposed to replace missing values by using expected maximization or should i just replace all the missing values with 0?
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    Missing values in Data

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    Missing values in Data

    So i have a Gender variable in my data set with one missing value. I am very confused regarding what to do with the missing value. what am i supposed to do with the system missing values? Similarly i have other variable that use likert scale. These variables also have 3 to 4 missing values while...