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    Help needed interpreting SNK post hoc test

    I see, thank you for your reply. Greg
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    Help needed interpreting SNK post hoc test

    Hello all, I am trying to interpret some data, where an ANOVA has found significant differences, and then a post hoc Student-Newman-Keuls was run. The output is attached. My question is as follows. Do I have it correct that the two columns as they are mean that the SNK test found significant...
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    Question about degrees of freedom in an independent sample t-test

    I've been asked the following question by a scientist who is not a statistician: Suppose we take a sample $x_1,…,x_n$ from a population that we can assume is normal (I don't think this assumption is critical). We then calculate the sample mean $\bar x¯$ and variance $s^2$. We then take a...
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    Simple survey analysis questions

    Hello all, I've been asked to assist with the statistical analysis of some survey data, and I'm a bit of a novice with this type of analysis, so I'm hoping that some with more experience can give me a bit of guidance. The investigators are interested in assessing the effectiveness of 6...