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    hypothesis test

    True or False: Referring to the table below, the null hypothesis will be rejected. TABLE An appliance manufacturer claims to have developed a compact microwave oven that consumes an average of no more than 250 Watts. From previous studies, it is believed that power consumption for microwave...
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    sampling method

    Mark wants to evaluate the GPAs of current NYU undergraduate students. He has received a list of all current students from the registrar and wants to take a probability based sample from this list. If Mark wants to ensure that his final sample is comprised of 30% freshman, 25% sophomores, 25%...
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    The list of items that comprise the universe selected for analysis and is used in determining which items will be selected is called ________
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    Sampling Techniques

    Which sampling techniques would be most appropriate if the researcher’s goal is to make statistical inferences from a sample to the population?
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    T distribution

    1. True or False: For a t distribution with 12 degrees of freedom, the area between 2.6810 and 2.1788 is 0.970. 2. True or False: For a t distribution with 12 degrees of freedom, the area between -2.6810 and 2.1788 is 0.970.
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    You are at an ice cream shop that offers 9 different flavors of ice cream. A large ice cream cone comes with three scoops of ice cream. You can choose an ice cream cone with any combination of flavors for the three scoops: all three scoops can be the same flavor, two of the three can be the same...
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    Test Statistics

    A major swimming chain is considering opening a new store in an area that currently does not have any such stores. The chain will open if there is evidence that more than 5000 of the 20000 households in the area have swimming pools. It conducts a telephone poll of 300 randomly selected...
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    Linear Regression

    A simple linear regression analysis resulted in b0 = 40 and b1 = 3. If one of the observations in your data set has a value of Y=14 and X=8, what is the residual for this observation?