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    Hypothesis question

    Simple question: can you have a one-tailed and a two-tailed hypothesis in the same study. I am running 2 2way ANOVAs and one of them (extant literature is mixed) is just exploring whether there any difference either way (two tailed) and the other I am certain will be different in a certain...
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    Non-parametric equivalent of an independent factor two way ANOVA?

    Hi there, I have been running ANOVAs with two IVs, the assumption of normality has a been violated on some of the levels and the distribution of residuals as been violated on some of the levels. I have therefore decided to carry out a non-parametric alternative to these ANOVAs. Would...
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    Please help with outliers :(

    I am conducting research on the effects of social media usage (frequency of checking and duration) on body image and self esteem n = 264. Every ANOVA is not significant :( however Boxplots have revealed a good number of outliers. When I removed 5 "moderate outliers" (between the mild and extreme...