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    How to code variables for vignette studies?

    Hi there. Thanks for you help. I have decided to use a repeated measures ANOVA. One of my other hypotheses is about how participant's recent intoxication (dichotomous yes/no) impacts their responses to the DVs. How do I test this within the ANOVA? Would it be a mixed method ANOVA with the...
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    How to code variables for vignette studies?

    Hi, I am a PHD student and just finished data collection for a vignette study. I designed an online questionnaire with 6 different scenario's, or vignettes. Following each vignette are 4 Likert scale questions. Everyone read all 6 vignettes and answered the 4 questions after each vignette. The...
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    How to analyze a Vignette study in SPSS

    Hi, Have you figured out how to do this? I have a similar situation and I am not sure how to organize or analyze the data.