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    SPSS Mixed Models - Repeated factorial design

    Hi all, I am having a lot of trouble finding any instructions or help with my analysis and was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction. My experiment involves making a verbal rating at the end of each trial of a visual stimulus. There are two properties of the...
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    Assessing outliers in a proportion

    Hi all, Just wondering how one would assess outliers in the following: At the start of a two week period, people were asked to nominate a number of good deeds that they would perform in the next two weeks (N). At the end of the two weeks, they report how many they actually perform (C)...
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    Conceptual Question: Experiment where you analyze different skew between conditions.

    Hi all, I had a psychology stats exam yesterday and one question was: 'Present a hypothetical experimental question in which the main interest is the difference in the skew of the dependent variable for different experimental conditions.' I understand this to mean that you have two or...