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    What kind of statistical analysis can we do with Statistical Averages (Mean, Median, Standard deviation)

    I have 5 variables (Median of Var1, Mean of var2, stddev of var2, Threshold of Var2, Avg of top 5 values of var2) for single dataset. I have to do some statistical analysis on this 5 variables to find something meaningful from the dataset. First, I thought of finding something meaningful from...
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    Unequal sample size of 2 groups data. Will it affect the ANOVA result?

    Hi All, I have a doubt. I have a dataset attached in the below image. I am doing ANOVA on the dataset to findout Dosage have a significant effect on Injected_timing. But I have unequal data(For person1 , there is 2 morning and 1 evening data. For person2, there is 2 morning and 1 evening...