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    Negative values in a Pattern Matrix after Exploratory Factor Analysis

    Hi, I've run an EFA (Principle Axis Factoring) with an Direct Oblimin rotation to pilot some scale items. I have two cleanly loading factors in the Pattern Matrix (confirmed by Scree plot and Monte Carlo). Alpha is high for both. However - The first factor only has positive values, the second...
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    Hello all

    Hi there, I'm a psychology masters student in the UK. I failed GCSE maths and have dyscalculia, so stats is challenging for me, though weirdly enjoyable....
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    Factor Analysis newbie seeks your help

    Hi, Perhaps unwisely as a newcomer to stats, I have taken on a scale validation project. I’ve searched the literature and can’t find anything so this is the issue: I’m developing a scale that (hypothetically) will identify, differentiate and measure two different constructs occurring in...