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    multilevel analysis

    Dear folks, I have nested data within schoolclasses, therefore I want to run multilevel analysis' with R, package lme4. My hypothesis is H0: x = 0. I don't know how do put this into a multilevel analysis. Can you help me with this? Kind regards
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    Regression with interaction (metric variable) in graphic

    Hey, I did a regressionanalysis with the following variables: Predictor = dummy variable, dependent Variable = metric, moderator variable = metric I know wanna show my results in a figure. The interaction should be shown by three regression lines. One for moderator = Mean (0), one for...
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    Multilevel Analysis with Intercations

    Hello I'd like to do a regression analysis with interactions, my data has two levels (school classes ans pupils). My variables are: Predictor = dummy variable on Level 1, dependent Variable = metric on level 1, moderator variable = metric, Level 2 I used the following command, but I am not...