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    Probability of Predicted Values

    As I am still just learning regression and other advanced statistical analysis techniques, I have run into a question that I need help with. My Boss asked me if it were possible to get a confidence interval on the predicted values that my model came up with. So I am looking for something...
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    Dealing with linear dependent variables

    I have a large dataset with many subject each with responses from a consecutive year going back 10 years (ie 100,000 persons per year (not necessarily 10 data points per person as they may not have been part of the study in prior years) dating back 10 years). I have data on each specific...
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    Condtional If statement using a date field

    I am trying to code a new variable that uses a date field so that if entries have a date greater than x, they get a 1 and less than that date they get a 0. I am doing this under Transform/Compute I have tried to create an if statement where it equals: if date_var >= 11/07/2012 then...