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    [response set analysis] respondents unaware of negative formulated items

    Hi I’m wondering what to do when negative items does not break response set. In other words, it remain unclear if respondent was where of the negative question. This because these questions weren’t properly market with bold lettering. So in this scenario how to look for response set? I...
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    Little's MCAR test: mismatch in DF

    Hi, I have a question concerning degree of freedom in little ’s MCAR test. There seems to be a mismatch in the degree of freedom in the results of MCAR test. ->Little 's MCAR test: Chi-Square = 237,694, DF = 168, Sig. = ,000 However I suspected DF to be 245 because the data consists of...
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    Hi everyone

    Hi, My name is Patrick and I am currently writing my master thesis on antecedents of brand love. I´m studying marketing in Nijmegen, a small but wonderful city in the Netherlands nearby the German boarder. During data analyses I encountered some strange things, and after a search on some...