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  1. Dason

    Hello all, I'm Girl

    Hi. I removed the link to your photo. I'm not sure why you wanted to share that right away but in case it was in some way nefarious I took down the link. In any case - welcome to TalkStats! Hopefully you have a good time here discussing statistics!
  2. Dason

    check if X variable influences Y or Y influences X

    Without doing something else I don't think linear regression is going to get you anything more than correlation would to answer your question. You might be interested in Granger causality testing though.
  3. Dason

    check if X variable influences Y or Y influences X

    If you're just looking at the two variables and not lagging them or something then the correlation between X and Y is the same as the correlation between Y and X so... Trying to compare those correlations won't be very useful.
  4. Dason

    Test priori power - Welch T test

    Even better would just be to simulate the data and let the functions in R take care of running the test for you.
  5. Dason

    Test priori power - Welch T test

    I would simulate to figure out which makes more sense
  6. Dason

    Seeking Basic Statistics Resources

    I'm not sure where you read that standard deviation measures flatness/sharpness but that isn't true. Kurtosis is typically what is referred to to measure that. Standard deviation is a measure of how spread out the data is.
  7. Dason

    Outliers Parametric model

    Can you just post a small sample of the data directly in the thread? I'm on my phone's and viewing external files isn't convenient
  8. Dason

    Outliers Parametric model

    Can you post a sample of the data and say what your goal/question is
  9. Dason

    Outliers Parametric model

    Is it really unreasonable? My understanding is that they don't get the money unless they reach their goal so setting it to be $1 and bring happy with whatever they raise might be something that makes sense to them
  10. Dason

    Monty Hall Problem in dutch game show

    I agree but I don't know if the banker's offer depends on the unknowns. If the offers are purely a function of what values are still available then that wouldn't provide any information about the unknowns but If the offers do depend on the unknowns in some predictable way then that might be...
  11. Dason

    can someone please explain how the answer is 0.54

    What have you tried
  12. Dason

    3 Independent and 3 Dependent Variables

    You don't know if it's possible? I think you're right. There can't be any dataset with more than six columns. Sorry for being an ass but it's pretty obviously possible.
  13. Dason

    concatenate - Loop with variables

    I think your entire approach is probably done better in some other way but it's hard to give explicit advice on what exactly you should be doing instead without a reproducible example.
  14. Dason

    Conditional Probability question

    The question gives us: P(positive test | drug user) = 0.91 P(positive test | not a drug user) = 0.01 P(drug user) = 0.10 The question asks for: P(not a drug user | positive test). I was saying that it seemed you were implying the answer is .09 because 1-0.91 = 1-P(positive test | drug user) =...
  15. Dason

    Test priori power - Welch T test

    What gave you the impression you couldn't do the power calculation in R?
  16. Dason

    Conditional Probability question

    I disagree. The .91 from the problem is P(Test positive | drug user). The question is asking for P(not a drug user | Test positive). Your reply makes it seem like you're arguing that P(A|B) = P(B|A) which is not true in general.
  17. Dason

    Question on distribution (newsagent profit problem)

    If n=1 could you find the expected profit?
  18. Dason


    I'm not sure what editor is getting at but thinking about what the distribution of the test statistic looks like under the null and thinking about what it looks like under the alternative sheds light on this. If you're making a test you want it to reject the null when the observed data matches...
  19. Dason


    There is definitely too much information presented. Could you try giving us less.
  20. Dason

    Conditional Probability question

    Bayes theorem is a good idea here. Can you show what you tried.