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    Basic stat question

    Yes co founders CAn be present, maybe poison first for univariate then log regression to adjust for co founders?
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    Basic stat question

    Hmm thanks, no i want a table with p valueS
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    Basic stat question

    Hi, I would like to get your opinion what test to use in the following two scenarion 1. I have 100 patients in total and I want to groups (50 men and 50 women) that have done different frequency of imaging (x-ray) and would like to see if there is any difference between gender and the...
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    Simple percentage question

    Hi, i have a question Concerning how to calculate percentage. i have 5160 patients in total. 221 was diagnosed with heart attack. now i want to Say how many was diagnosed with heart attack. is it 221/4939 (5160-221) or 221/5160? I think last is correct but spss gives ”within percentage” what...