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    Kappa SPSS

    Hello All, Thank you in advance if you are able to provide some information on my question. I am attempting to run Cohen's kappa for inter-rater agreement in SPSS. I have 2 raters; however, there are multiple variables (20+) that they are each rating. My question is how do I go about setting...
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    Confounds in chi square in SPSS

    Hello, thank you very much in advance for any that can help me here I am looking to test the likely existence and the strength of the bulemia-suicide association among a database sample. (2) Key recent studies in this field’s have suggested that certain socioeconomic factors, living alone and...
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    New to LCA please help with a methodological question

    Hello, I am new to LCA and attempting to design a secondary data study utilizing LCA as to show latent classes (subtypes) of a specific disorder based on symptoms of this condition ie. aggression toward others (13 symptoms total)that are binary (yes/no)(as measured by a behavioral checklist) I...