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    Factor Analysis

    Hello! I run a Factor Analysis and got 14 factors with an Eigenvalue above 1! The first 5 factors explain most of the variance (Eigenvalue >2) and the remaining 9 factors have an eigenvalue around 1.5 What shall I do? Shall I keep all 14 factors or extract only the first 5 that explain...
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    Hi, I am a bit confused as to which variables should I include in the factor analysis. I have a huge questionnaire which i know i definitely should include to find the factors but im not sure whether I should include the demographics? Thank you in advance! Astero
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    Forest Plots - Please Help!!!!!

    How can I create forest plots? I want to calculate the odds ratio effectiveness of two treatments.. Can I create forest plots using SPSS (PASW)? or excel? Thank you in advance!
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    test whether 2 mean scores are significantly different

    I have two groups of participants; 1 group received treatment A and the other group received treatment B. I have the mean scores of the effectiveness for both groups. Group A mean score before treatment was 35 and after treament 20 Group B mean score before treatment was 25 and after...